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Transforming enthusiastic potentials into expertise through our internship programs

Karthikeya software solutions we prioritize quality, professionalism, and cost-competitive technology in our internship programs. Join us to enhance your skills and gain hands-on experience in creating appealing websites and implementing effective search engine and internet marketing optimization strategies. We follow a classic delivery model, providing innovative solutions for businesses within specific time frames, fostering a successful learning journey for interns.

What we do in Karthikeya Software Solutions?

The Best place for World class IT Internships

At Karthikeya Software Solutions Private Limited our internship programs are dedicated to providing reliable and high-quality business solutions in the IT services domain. Backed by unmatched support and experience, our internships offer a learning environment with an experienced team of designers, passionate developers, and skillful marketing professionals. Join us to celebrate the art of teamwork and contribute to delivering solutions with perfection and excellence

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Networking Opportunities
Real-World Experience
Career Growth
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Process for Applying

Apply & obtain approval through our simple process

Research & Identify Opportunities

Identify Your Interests and Goals: Determine which industrial skills align with your passions and aspirations.

Apply Internship and Acquire Approval.

Submit your application in your chosen field of interest and secure approval for the internship position.

Skill Learning & Development

Network with our professionals in your field to uncover opportunities and gain valuable insights.

Complete & Get Certified

Complete any necessary internship paperwork, onboarding tasks, and assigned work to achieve certification.


Our educational partners speak volumes about our training services.

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